The #iMask4DC Video Festival and Competition

In this time of crisis, suffering and death, everyone must step up and do their part. We are excited to call upon the DC community to educate us to wear masks to protect ourselves and others and to always practice physical distancing. #iMask4DC will remind, refresh the message, and engage the community in taking direct and immediate action necessary to reduce the community spread of COVID-19.


The Black Coalition Against Covid-19 in partnership with THEARC Theater, Howard University’s Department of Theatre Arts, The Washington Informer Newspaper, WHUR and WPFW radio stations, are working to engage everyone in creative messaging to help reduce the community spread of COVID-19.

The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 is launching the #iMask4DC video festival and competition. To participate we are asking you to produce a thirty second video that emphasizes  to the community the importance of wearing a mask consistently when outdoors and exposed to other people.

The competition is open to all—individuals and families. Beginning June 9th, online workshops will be available for anyone who needs help. All videos must be submitted by noon on June 20th .

The #iMask4DC Video Festival will award cash prizes to winning entries and the most compelling stories will be shown on Instagram and Facebook Live during a city-wide social media event. Winners will be showcased on social media and may be invited to participate in other press engagements.


Engaging Creative Messaging to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Submission Guidelines

Contest Instructions:

Create a 30 second video clip explaining why you wear a mask when going outside during COVID-19.

- Record a video using your computer or mobile device.

- Edit your video using iMovie, Instagram,  TikTok, or any other editing software.

- Upload your video to Social Media with the hashtag #iMask4DC​.

- In addition to posting your video on social media, or if you do not use Social Media: Email Your 30 second clip to Media@blackcoalitionagainstcovid.org​.​

- Tag 3 Friends in your post to join you in the challenge (optional).

- For more information on mask wearing and social distancing, visit our resource page.

Submissions will be judged on:

RELEVANCE: Video provides convincing, accurate, and compelling information about the purpose and
impact of wearing a mask during the pandemic.

CLARITY: Message is clear and easily understood by a multigenerational audience.

COMPLETENESS: Video is well structured.  Beginning, middle and end hold viewers' attention.

ORIGINALITY: Approach is unique, surprising, or "outside the box".

ARTISTRY: All production elements (e.g. video, audio, graphics, editing, etc.) are well executed.


Please read the accompanying press release for more information from the Black Coalition Against COVID-19  and important messages related to this effort. 


iMask4DC Resources:

Face masks are an essential tool for fighting COVID-19, learn why and how to wear a mask properly.

Submit Your #iMask4DC Video Competition Entry

Post your video entry to social media using the #iMask4DC Hashtag, and THEN SUBMIT IT TO US DIRECTLY AT THIS ADDRESS: media@blackcoalitionagainstcovid.org

If your video is too large to email, send us your Youtube, Google Drive, or Dropbox Links via the SUBMIT BY EMAIL button.

PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR: NAME and PHONE NUMBER when submitting, so that we can notify the winners.

Find us on Social Media for More Submission Announcements!