Mask Maker Survey

You Can Help Us

Wearing masks and other facial coverings is, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, an essential tool in the war against COVID. Fortunately, several well motivated community organizations have devoted themselves to making, purchasing and/or distributing masks throughout the D.C. community. The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 (BCC) is a group of community advocates from across many sectors of community life who are working together to maximize the African American community’s collective resources to complement those from the federal and D.C. government. As such, we are asking your assistance in our effort to identify all individuals, organizations, and businesses that are making and distributing masks. This information will enable our city to better understand and predict the supply of masks that will be available and evaluate that availability against the anticipated need.

Calling All Mask Makers!

We are trying to identify individuals, organizations, and businesses that are making masks. If you or someone you know is producing masks kindly send us an email with your contact information.

Face Mask Survey

Face masks are an essential tool for fighting COVID-19.  If you or your organization are making masks, please take our brief survey by clicking the link below.