Elementary Winning Submissions

Cristian Alvarado 1st Place $500

Rahel Tseganeh 2nd Place $250

Machi Brooks 3rd Place $150

Isabella Pierre 4th Place $50 (tie)

Khepra Freeman 4th Place $50 (tie)

High School Winning Submissions

M’Kya Denny 1st Place $500

Dahvi Walker 2nd Place $250

Kaya Ugorji 3rd Place $150

David Smith 4th Place $50

Adult Winning Submissions

Malachi Byrd 1st Place $1,000

Carlynn Newhouse 2nd Place $500

Drew Anderson 3rd Place $250

SLAM COVID-19 is a poetry slam event that unleashes the voices of DC’s health and artistic communities to provide the information, education and inspiration to protect ourselves during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

While COVID-19 has affected all of Washington, DC, 79% of the deaths have been in the African American community. This pandemic has exposed the health and wealth disparities that have long persisted unabated in the Nation’s Capital. As the city prepares to re-open we need to address the prophetic words of Dr. Martin Luther King: Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?

SLAM COVID-19 will be a virtual Slam competition dedicated to addressing the fierce urgency of now. Over $3,000 in prizes in four categories: Elementary & Middle School (May 18th 4-6pm), High School (May 22nd 4-6pm) and Adult (May 25th 7-9pm). The event will be simulcasted on radio and social media.  A combination of public voting and local judges will determine the results.  Deadline for entries: May 15th, 2020 for Elementary & Middle School Students, May 19th, 2020 for High School Students, and May 24th, 2020, 7pm for Adult Submissions. (Submission guidelines below).



Submission Guidelines

Contestants in the SLAM COVID-19 contest will submit a video of an original poem not to exceed 3 minutes in length that addresses the issues of COVID-19 and its effects on you personally, the Black community in DC, and safety measures and prevention. Information on Covid19 can be found at the DC Government website link: https://coronavirus.dc.gov/


Videos that contain accurate and factual information about COVID-19 have the best chance in the competition. Videos can be fun, sad, personal, reflective or political. While we are not trying to censor poets, we ask that you be aware that the SLAM COVID-19 is competition that will be viewed widely by students and families. 


Please read the accompanying press release for more information from the Black Coalition Against COVID-19  and important messages related to this effort. 

This competition is open to all students who attend public, charter or private DC schools, and adult DC residents in the following categories:

Elementary Schools: K-5

Middle School: 6-8th Grades

High School: 9-12th Grades

Adults: 21 and over

Prizes for Slam Winners include:


1st Place $500.00

2nd Place $250.00

3rd Place $150.00

Honorable Mention $  50.00

Prizes for Slam Winners include:


1st Place $1,000.00

2nd Place $   500.00

3rd Place $   250.00

For Students

Submit an original video and include your: Name, Address, Grade, and DC school you attend.

For Adults

Submit an original video and include your: Name, Address, and Age.