The Fight Against COVID-19

The Black Coalition Against COVID-19 was created for the purpose of organizing D.C.’s multi-dimensional and broadly inclusive cohort of community leaders and advocates in an effort to urgently mobilize and coordinate all available community assets in complementary and collaborative support of D.C. Governments' efforts, and especially those of D.C Health. We understand our work as being aligned with the vision of “The Beloved Community” as expressed by Martin Luther King. We understand that our communities, while challenged, should be viewed in the context of their wholeness and not their deficits. Community leaders from across the city who work with the faith, homeless, incarcerated and recently returned citizens, substance abuse, health and medical, labor, youth, senior, creative artist, academic, and other communities are essential assets in the fight to protect our city from this pandemic. The BCC has chosen to accept the challenge of helping to marshal these assets, and do do it with the urgency this crisis demands.