The Morning" Covid and Race

Good morning. The Covid death rate for white Americans has recently exceeded the rates for Black, Latino and Asian Americans.

Data Science Proved What Pittsburgh’s Black Leaders Knew: Racial Disparities Compound Covid Risk

The ferocity of the covid-19 pandemic did what Black Pittsburgh — communities that make up a quarter of the city’s population — thought impossible. It shook the norms.

Why Many Black Americans Changed Their Minds About COVID Shots

Black Americans were once far less likely than white Americans to be vaccinated. But a wave of pro-vaccine campaigns and a surge of virus deaths have narrowed that gap, experts say

The Pandemic Could Put Your Doctor Out Of Business

What the coronavirus pandemic means for primary care physicians.

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Is my cloth mask good enough to face the delta veriant?

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Howard University Partners with Black Coalition Against COVID-19 and Community Organizers to Address the Health Needs in DC Community

20 National Organizations Join with the Black Coalition Against COVID-19 in a Historic Collaborative Effort to Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 in the Black Community

New National Initiative Taps Barbers and Stylists to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccination in Communities of Color

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