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BCAC and other Black health advocacy organizations such as Choose Healthy Life and Values Partnerships and the National Urban League has reached out to the Biden Administration requesting that they make test kits available to local faith based and CBO’s for distribution to community residents in DC and around the country. Please check back for updates soon!


BCAC and have partnered together to create this space to help the Black Community fight back against the coronavirus. Throughout this resource center are tools to help the Black community locate the vaccine in their communities, keep them informed of rollout phases and eligibility state-by-state, and share information from the top Black COVID experts.

National Efforts & RESOURCES


Get the latest update on COVID-19, vaccinations and testings.

Test 2 Treat

Find free Covid-19 tests and tele-health services near you.

Ad Council

The first step in building vaccine confidence is getting the facts.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Filling the new for trusted information on national health issues.

COVID Collaborative

Mobilizing leaders across the nation to turn the tide on the pandemic.

Made To Save

The latest on stats, testing and treatment and research.

Making It Plain

COVID Vaccinations and Children Town Hall


See the full impact of COVID.

Public Health Resources

Contact Tracing

Learn the importance of contact tracing and how it affects outcomes in our community.

What to do if you think you have the Coronavirus?

Resources for those who think they may have contracted the Coronavirus.

Face Mask Guidelines

Face masks are an essential tool for fighting COV1D-19, learn why and how to wear a mask properly.

Social Distancing Guide

Social distancing helps to flatten the spike of COVID-19 infections so that we do not overwhelm the doctors and nurses in our community.


Response Efforts Around COVID
Improving the health of communities by strengthening and advocating for local health departments.


Supporting State Health Officials
Since the beginning, ASTHO has been working with our members, federal agencies, and association partners to ensure state and territorial agencies have the resources and information they need to effectively respond to cases.

D.C. Based Resources

A reliable source for Coronavirus related information and up to date health guidelines for anyone living in the Washington Metropolitan area.

COVID-19 Testing

Discover new testing facilities in your area.

DC COVID Connect General Resources

This complete and up-to-date health document from DC COVID Connect is an excellent resource for information, links and resources that are updated in real-time.

Important and handy guide to COVID-19 safety

Learn about the spread of Coronavirus, how to protect yourself, what to do if you have it, and how you can get tested.

DC COVID Connects Facts for Seniors

Resources and strategies for seniors during the pandemic.

Resources for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Shelter information, meal sites and more.

Howard University Faculty Plan

The Howard University Faculty Plan is home to the individual healthcare practices of the Doctors of Howard University. Our 200 plus doctors are professors of the Howard University College of Medicine and represent medical expertise in a vast array of specialties and subspecialties.

Citizens Returning from Incarceration

If you or a loved one are a citizen returning home from incarceration and need medical services:
Unity Health Clinics
(301) 357-1187

Prince George’s County Events

Get the latest on PG County, Maryland events.

Faith And CommuNITY Resources

Pastoral Care Tips

Important information and guidance for faith leaders from faith leaders. Contains additional resources and tips for serving and communicating with your congregation during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Faith Over Fear : How Lessons from HIV are Informing COVID-19 Response

Faith Over Fear is a live webinar featuring diverse faith leaders from around the country. They will be discussing lessons learned from the HIV pandemic as it relates COVID-19.

Choose Healthy Life

The Choose Healthy Life Black Clergy Action Plan is a sustainable, scalable, and transferrable approach centered around the Black Church.

National Urban League

The National Urban League is a historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment in order to elevate the standard of living in historically underserved urban communities.

Trusted Information & Resources

Kaiser Family Foundation September COVID-19

“According to a recent Poll from KFF, Black adults are now being vaccinated at essentially the same rate as the rest of the nation…the gap has closed! Off reports that: “As the U.S. continues to grapple with the “third wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor finds that more than seven in ten U.S. adults (72%) now report being at least partially vaccinated, with the surge in cases, hospitalizations, and deaths due to the Delta variant being the main motivator for the recently vaccinated and other factors like full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and an increase in vaccine mandates playing a more minor role.

Recovery for U.S. Students in 2021: What Schools and Districts Can Do to Make Up for Lost Learning Time.

After 18 months of school closure and disrupted learning, civic leaders, researchers, and educational leaders are getting a clearer picture of how students fared through the pandemic, and what new reality school systems face as they return to in-person schooling in 2021–22. 

Racial Disparities of COVID-19 by US County

A geographic study of how COVID 19 has disproportionately affected African American communities throughout the United States.

Racial Disparities of COVID-19 in America

A look at the unique set of challenges faced by the Black community during the pandemic.

BCAC Racial Equity Guidebook

This guidebook serves as an aid for various stakeholders, government officials, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, retail pharmacies, and health institutions to leverage in developing their vaccine administration plans to enable access within the Black community.

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