General Colin Powell

General Colin Powell

As we mourn the loss of the respected General Colin Powell, we are especially saddened that his death is being misused to advance unfounded COVID disinformation. General Powell’s sad experience with COVID was not and should not be used as an example of vaccination failure applicable to the general public.

General Powell suffered with Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer that affects “plasma cells”. These are the very cells that our bodies use to create the antibodies to fight viruses and other infectious agents. That, in addition to the medications used by #MultipleMyeloma patients, results in a significant level of compromise of the immune system for affected persons. Scientific studies show that just 45% of these patients are able to mount a strong immune response from our vaccines.  This is why immunocompromised persons such as General Powell are encouraged to receive a booster dose to give them the best chance of fighting the COVID virus. Unfortunately, General Powell was not able to receive his booster dose in time to be helpful.

Remember: African-Americans are more likely to have pre-existing conditions that also diminish immune responses and we are more likely to have certain compromising cancers such as Multiple Myeloma. Vulnerable people are depending on all of us to do our part to eliminate COVID by making the choice to be vaccinated with the #COVIDVaccine. Do the right thing and protect our community by getting the facts and not spreading life threatening misinformation or the COVID virus.

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