Where We Are in The Pandemic: November 2021

Where We Are in The Pandemic: November 2021

As we prepare for the colder winter months with more indoor gatherings, and the approaching holiday season, there is reason for concern and heightened vigilance. In fact, cases which were declining nationally a few months ago are now increasing in a majority of states, as are hospitalizations. We have now passed 765,000 deaths in the US and we are seeing significant increases in Europe and other parts of the world. We are recording approximately 75,000 new cases daily.In short: this pandemic is not over!

The good news is that, according to a recent White House announcement, 70% of adult Americans are fully vaccinated and 80% are partially vaccinated. And now that vaccines have been approved for children five and older, we can expect significant gains in protecting the American people from COVID. 

As you prepare for the holiday, remember that we now know how to live with this killer in our midst. We know what we should do and here are a few tips for families to observe:

1. If you are not vaccinated: get vaccinated NOW. Remember that it takes approximately three weeks before you are eligible for the second dose, but, be sure to get that first dose in immediately. 

2. Get you children five and older vaccinated NOW. 

3. If you are over 65 or have any preexisting health conditions or are immunocompromised, get your Booster NOW!

4. Be smart before your family gathering by staying away from bars and indoor events for five days before the gathering just to be sure you are not bringing home an unwelcome gift to your family.

5. Always mask when attending indoor events that you can’t avoid.

6. No play dates for children with unmasked or unvaccinated friends.

7. Get kids vaccinated now…three weeks for second dose.

8. Don’t forget to get your flu shot…and yes, you can get it at the same time as your COVID shot.

We at the BCAC care about you and we want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. It’s up to you. Do what you should do to protect all of us!

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